Play Your Part Ambassadors Show Up for SA Amid Unrest

Two weeks ago, South Africa experienced one of the greatest periods of socioeconomic unrest in its democratic lifespan. The violent demonstrations displayed cut across all sectors and demographics, leaving very few businesses, families or individuals unaffected, sadly at the cost of 337 lives.

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Even in chaos South Africans still show their identity : A true sense of Ubuntu

The past week has been critical and intense for South Africa, yet despite the display of demonstrations, citizens of the country have shown a sense of togetherness and taking a stand in protecting what belongs to them. During this time a number of individuals have risen up with the intent to unite in protecting South Africa. I would credit this behaviour to a term that has been our anchor characteristic, that is still broadly referenced in the country for more than two decades after the end of apartheid – a philosophical concept known as Ubuntu.

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Brand SA calls on citizens to play their part in restoring peace and unity in South Africa

[Johannesburg, South Africa, July 13, 2021]. Brand South Africa calls on South Africans to play their part in protecting our country in line with our constitutional values. The violent demonstrations that are ravaging our communities cannot continue. They have culminated into criminal acts leading to the loss of lives and livelihood. Property is being destroyed. Businesses are being looted and essential activities meant to service the most vulnerable have been destroyed.

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