An ode to South African women visionaries, charting unfamiliar territories and changing the narrative

As women, you go beyond the ordinary, you have given birth to world leaders, warriors and nations! Every August in South Africa, we pay tribute to the women that paved the path for us in 1956. This month, Brand South Africa salutes our inspirational women from all walks of life, who have showcased and cemented themselves in unfamiliar territories, transforming industries.

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The spirit of Nelson Mandela is critical for the recovery of South Africa

The month of July is quite special on the South African calendar. Not only is it a month that celebrates service leaders in society, but it also marks the birth month of a global icon and leader, the late Nelson Mandela who would have turned 103 years old. To honour his legacy, Brand South Africa recently hosted an empowering conversation tapping into Nelson Mandela’s leadership principles and how they can be applied in the current times of crisis.

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Fashion brands that have put Africa on the international stage

This year the continent will celebrate Africa Day in the midst of a pandemic with the aim still to promote and support the creative industry through culture and social cohesion on the continent. Africa Day was created to increase appreciation, awareness and demand for African arts and culture as well as services, all in anticipation of inspiring intra-Africa trade and trade beyond the continents borders.

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